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CRM: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is an approach to building and sustaining long term business with customers. CRM basically focused on: Existing customer Potential customer (Future customer) Existing customer: Existing customers are those customers who has purchased goods or services from a particular organisation. Potential customer: Potential…Continue readingZoho CRM

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System Variables & Built-in function in zoho Creator

Predefined Variables or System Variables: System Variables are a special class of predefined variables, which are already defined by the system, and values are assigned the system itself. they contain values that do not change by the user These variables are used to refer to common information like the email…Continue readingSystem Variables & Built-in function in zoho Creator

API v2 Zoho Zoho Creator

Zoho just upgraded it’s Creator API

Zoho Creator API: API is the Application Programming Interface. API is the set of Programming protocols and tools that specify how your CRM, Creator can interact with another software program. Click on the below link. Steps to create OAuth Authentication : Register Client: Register your application with Zoho to receive…Continue readingZoho just upgraded it’s Creator API